China - an emerging jewelry market in the world

China is a big country of platinum consumption. In the year 2008, China still ranked the first of the world platinum consumption, accounting for 48% of the world total volume.

China is a big country of gold consumption. In 2008, the yield of golden jewelry is the first of the world, and the consumption is the second of the world.

Diamond and diamond jewelry
From July 1, 2006, China has been adopting new policy for imported diamond. The raw stone imported by Shanghai Diamond Exchangeis exempt from import VAT. The VAT of loose stone is cut down from 17% to 4%. Consequently, the trade statistics shows that in 2006, the import volume of diamond grow 39.8% (by the regular way)and 208%(by Shanghai Diamond Exchange)respectively, compared with that of last year.

Clear-water pearls
China's clear-water pearls output accounts for 95% of the global output.

China is poise to become the world's leading jade consumer.

Why Shanghai
a leading hub with exchange centers at the heart of the jewelry industry-offering trading in gold, platinum, diamond and silver.

China's largest distribution and consolidating center for jewelry, well ahead of the rest of the country.

Well placed for investment and trading with its robust economy, modern services and fast-maturing business enviroment

a booming jewelry retail sector, representing 20% of China's total annual sales. The Shanghaiese are among the country's top spenders and the most spohisticated consumers, who effectively set the trend for the cities of Eastern China.

The choice of Shanghai as the ceune for the show reflects not only its reputation as a cosmopolitan city and a fashion trendsetter but aiso its strategic proximify to major population centres Shanghai,mainland China’s most fashionable and exciting city,is a fitting venue for the international jewellery trade.